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Applicability of Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy Statement

HoxPlus FZE recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our visitors to the HoxPlus FZE Site while permitting us to conduct legitimate business by providing services and information of interest to them. By disclosing personally identifiable information to us, you agree to the terms stated herein.

Collection and Storage of Information

We will collect certain personal information when you participate in a survey, contact us with questions or offer feedback on the HoxPlus FZE Site. In connection with such activities, you may be asked to provide your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. We may maintain this information in our computer system.

At the present time, we do not collect any personally identifiable information from children or from individuals who could be recognized as minors. If we do so in the future, we will comply with the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

We may use "cookies" to recognize you and your access privileges on the HoxPlus FZE Site, as well as to trace usage of the HoxPlus FZE Site. A cookie is a piece of information that is sent to your Web browser from a Website and stored on your computer's hard drive. Each time you return to the HoxPlus FZE Site, we are able to identify you as a previous or registered visitor. Cookies also enable us to measure the HoxPlus FZE Site traffic, including the number of repeat versus new visitors, the time users spend online, and their navigation behaviour. Collecting this information allows us to make changes that improve the HoxPlus FZE Site.

Use of Information
The information that we collect is used to contact you in the event follow-up communications are necessary, to analyze the survey results, to verify the statistical accuracy of the survey, to notify you of offers and services, to improve the HoxPlus FZE Site, for development of new products and services, and for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes. Sometimes we hire companies to help us analyze the survey results and to mail interested parties offers and information on products and services. In those instances, we need to share your information with them. These companies will be authorized to use the information in the same manner in which we have been authorized. In rare instances, we will disclose personally identifiable information to necessary parties to protect the HoxPlus FZE Site or visitors to the HoxPlus FZE Site, or to enforce compliance with our Terms and Conditions of Use.

We may share personally identifiable information within the HoxPlus FZE family of companies. You will be offered the option to not have your personally identifiable information shared with parties outside the HoxPlus FZE family of companies. Information concerning individuals' usage of the HoxPlus FZE Sites will not be disclosed to third parties except in an aggregate form (e.g., "45% of the visitors to the HoxPlus FZE Site are repeat visitors").

Please be aware that if you disclose personally identifiable information on Website message boards or chat areas, that information may be collected and used by third parties without our knowledge and may result in unsolicited communications from third parties. Such activities are beyond the control of HoxPlus FZE.

Security of Private Information
We would like to be able to assure you that the information provided is absolutely safe. Unfortunately, several well-publicized instances of computer security breaches make it impossible to be so confident. We will take reasonable steps to protect the information you provide us from theft, alteration or unauthorized inspection.

Your Rights
All personally identifiable information you provide to us is on a voluntary basis. If you do not wish to reveal such information, you are free simply to ignore these offerings.

You may review and approve the information about you collected while visiting the HoxPlus FZE Site by contacting Upon your request, we will correct personal information that you state is erroneous or remove any information from our computer system. Requests for the correction or removal of information should be directed to

Inquiries Concerning Privacy Policy
Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to HoxPlus FZE at


Links to Other Sites
The HoxPlus FZE Site may contain links to other Web sites that are not under our control. Such other sites do not necessarily follow this Privacy Policy, and may place their own cookies on your computer. We do not control cookies placed on your computer by third parties.

Modification of This Privacy Policy
Our practices may change periodically, so please check back here from time to time to review our current Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policies of HoxPlus FZE Affiliated Companies
Due to the diverse nature of our businesses, companies within the HoxPlus FZE family may have privacy policies that differ from this policy. In such cases, the Privacy Policy of the particular HoxPlus FZE company will be posted, and will supersede the terms of this document in the event of a conflict.

Credit Card
We take credit card fraud seriously in order to insure our customers the best possible protection of their credit card information. We log and track all IP addresses and use them to trace any fraudulent transactions. We report any fraud attempts to the related local/international organization.

We do not collect credit card details in our system or database and not sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties. All credit card details are processed by our financial institution (PayFort) in a secure environment.

To discourage fraud we do not list all the ways we check credit cards for authenticity here. At HoxPlus FZE we go out of our way to make sure that the person placing the order is indeed the person authorized to use the credit card account.

We ship no products or allow any downloads until the process is complete.

Common Web Hosting Mistakes

1.       Falling for the price trap

Yes, many different companies offer free web hosting services at no cost. However, a common set back is most of these free web hosting plans do not offer sufficient features you need for your website and/or most of them force you to place advertisements on your website.

2.       Inexperienced reseller

Hosting with a reseller is not a bad thing. However, you need to do extensive research - sometimes a reseller is very good all around but inexperienced when it comes to scripts and server environments.

3.       Not clearly defining your requirements

You should keep a list of what resources your website needs and add to that list as it grows. This will make it easier when you need to upgrade your web hosting services in the future.

4.       Forgiving a host's bad or limited website

If a web hosting provider cannot or would not take the time to put together an informational website for their own business, most likely they won't be too concerned about yours either. Look out for cookie cutter websites.

5.       Putting all eggs in one basket

If you manage several websites, it may seem like a good idea to have everything in one account. You can simplify your billing and get a better deal. But that's not always the case. If your websites generates income and they are all interconnected, having all of them down at the same time is bad.

6.       Not keeping a record of their contact information

Many of us are satisfied with email, forum and live support. But when your web hosting provider is down for days, including their own site, you won't be able to contact them at all if you don't have any records of their telephone number.

7.       Relying on host backups

Always keep your own backups, even if your web hosting provider performs backups as well. It happens far too often - a customer's website goes down indefinitely and they couldn't put the website on another web hosting provider because they didn't have any backups of their own.

8.       Trusting your host to have the latest software

New software or latest patches are meant to plug security holes. Check with your web hosting provider what versions they are running and how often they make updates before you purchase web hosting services from them.





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